11th April 2019

Midland Movie Makers League at Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers

10th May 2018

Roz Gower on "How to find and research a Documentary story and how to make it interesting and televisual"

8th February 2018

Premiere of "A Helping Hand" - Film Language - Preview of "The Race to Death's Door" - Steve Jakab on acting in "The Race to Death's Door"

22nd June 2017

Annual General Meeting and Presentation of Awards The […]

8th June 2017

Video Cup Competition Our biggest competition of the year was […]

25th May 2017

Andy Wills and Jill Lampert - Lighting for Mood […]

27th April 2017

John Bridcut - Telling Stories on Film Tonight we had […]

13th April 2017

One Minute and Five Minute Competitions Judged by Paula Webster […]

23rd March 2017

Practical session - Breakfast TV We split into 5 groups […]

9th March 2017

Creative process An opportunity to hear about how each other […]

23rd February 2017

Midland Movie Makers League at SCMM Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers […]

9th February 2017

Script Competition Left back: Ian Reed, Patrick Woodcock, Ian Lane, […]

27th October 2016

Debbie Daniels on “Engaging an audience - theories” Sutton Coldfield […]

13th October 2016

Holiday Video Competition Simon Sumner from Derby Movie Makers was […]

22nd September 2016

Guest Speaker: Laurence Saunders Body Language is […]